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Triada company is an expert in sale of meat.

Being an expert in meat we provide the most favourable and flexible terms, best prices and quality products to our customers as well as delivery of products.

Only high-quality products

We focus on excellent quality of products we offer. Our technologists pay a close attention to it checking organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters of each production lot

Technological support

Technological support We are always ready to supply goods to you as soon as possible. We have highly skilled logistics team which will make the delivery of products in clearly defined time period

Timely support

We will answer all your questions as soon as possible and choose the product that is suitable namely for you! And you will receive it already tomorrow!

Strategic partnerships

Having a range of exclusive contracts for regular supplies of unique MSM to meat packing plants all over Ukraine we are ready to grow and provide you with the unique product of the consistent highest quality!

Selection of the unique product to customer's needs

Thanks to a range of strategic partnerships with international companies and suppliers which want and are ready to work on the Ukrainian market we can find MSM to each customer`s needs considering its individual preferences

Technologies used by Triada

that`s the partner you need! Using index terms “to buy meat at wholesale” you will get products of the highest quality right on time.

карта мира лупа

We know that quality of meat products produced for ultimate end-users depends directly on the quality of meat which was used in the production process. That’s why we turn attention to search and delivery of goods to our clients.

Triada company selects products that meet requirements of the customer. We import pork and beef including delivery to your warehouse. You will gain the best prices, favourable terms and high-quality product which meet your demand.

Today we make an expert selection of high-quality products and import them thanks to network of reliable suppliers from Germany, Argentina, Spain and Poland.


When ordering, we draw special attention to the optimal production supply route which makes it possible for a customer to receive goods at the cost lower than it is when working directly with producers. Above all this is connected with the fact that producers are focused on production job not on logistics improvement issues.

Delivery of products from our warehouses to our clients’ warehouses is performed daily. Our customers may always count on delivery as soon as possible in well-defined time periods.

Irrespective of the time of the year, season or ambient temperature you will receive fresh products because we use up-to-date refrigerators during transportation.

Сервис продажа Триада

Triada company is your reliable partner with which you can cooperate if you have decided to purchase meat at wholesale for your company. We provide large Ukrainian companies with high-quality products at fair prices.

Thanks to our strategic partnerships with foreign suppliers you can purchase the product you need exactly at the moment.

Triada company sells meat all over Ukraine including delivery to your warehouse that is the determining factor for most of our clients.

Сервис Триада мясо оптом

The main function of an experienced meat distributor is to provide customers with high-quality products at less customer’s labour costs.

The service that we offer includes selection of products, their delivery and temporary storage. You should only make a request, our specialists will take care of the rest.

Поддержка сервис Триада

Besides faultless provision of services and high-quality products all our customers are supported by our specialists.

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