Cutting Fat

Side fat – the raw product is essential when cooking boiled sausages, pastes and other sausage or canning industry products.

The product obtained as a result of machine cutting of half carcasses (side) is of high quality and sanitary safety level.

Optimum characteristics: fat – up to 92%, water – no more than 5%, protein – 1.5%. Among the varieties of lard, side fat has an average melting point. There are no bristles, bruises and other mechanical particles in the raw product.

Organoleptical properties of the product: loose, coarse-grained with no inclusion of meat or skin, colour – white or slightly creamy.

Smell: fresh, characteristic of pork bacon.

Recommended for use in:

sausage and canning production;

for the manufacture of pickled, salted or smoked bacon pork of “home-made” categories or according to traditional recipes.

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