Chicken MSM 3mm (Baader) white

Modern mechanical deboning of chicken carcasses with meat and bone separator offered technologists valuable raw materials – white baader.  Raw materials are obtained from the remains of chicken and turkey breast (carcasses).

Raw meat turns out more dietary and dry as compared to red baader. This property is perfect for developing healthy diets and baby food formulations, as well as specialty foods with a reduced fat content.

Optimum characteristics:

proteins – up to 18%, fat – no more than 7%, moisture – up to 70%.

Organoleptical properties of the product: crumbly minced meat with the meat particles up to 3 mm in size, of white colour with a soft pink shade, without a distinct Smell, which is rather weak, characteristic of white poultry meat.

Use: dietary wieners and bockwurst sausages, chicken paste, sandwich spreads, dietary ready-to-cook products (noisettes, meatballs).

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