Pork Neck Fat

Neck lard – a popular raw material for the sausage and canning industry. The machines separate the fat from the carcass by layer, removing the skin and hair. Therefore, you do not have to additionally prepare lard before adding to the sausage mixture, pickling or smoking.

Optimum characteristics:

fat – 92% (characterized by high melting point), water – 6%, proteins – 1.5%.

Organoleptical properties of the product: a product of white colour with a delicate pink shade, dense, but not a hard consistency; no meat, blood stains or contamination are allowed.

Neck fat is used without skin and bristles.

Smell: light, pleasant, without a rancid or frowsy shade.

Use: making boiled and smoked, baked, smoked products of “home-made” category or of traditional recipes.


  • is used as an additive for boiled, boiled and smoked sausages and wieners;
  • production of deli meat.
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