Pork Back Fat

Сало хребтовое свиное

Spinal fat – the most valuable lard on the pig carcass. Due to the increased melting temperature, high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids the product is widely used in sausage formulas.

Optimum characteristics:

proteins – up to 2%, water – 5%, fat – 92%. Raw materials are obtained by machining the pork half carcasses after scalding. Spinal lard is sold without skin.

Organoleptical properties of the product: consistency – dense, granular, colour – white. The inclusion of blood, hair or skin in spinal fat is not allowed.

Smell: light, fresh, without shades of rancidity or frowziness.

Use: expensive sausages, deli meats.

Peculiarities of use:

  • keeps the pattern of raw smoked, boiled and smoked and dry-cured products;
  • keeps the shape at cooking sausages (roasting, hot smoking);
  • makes the minced meat juicy, and the taste – rich and harmonious


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