Beef liver

Печень говяжья

Beef liver is a first category by-product. The weight of a whole beef liver is 4-9 kg, often it is often sold in the form of pieces weighing 700-1,000 grams.

Beef liver contains no blood stains, blood clots, films, gallbladder residues or connective tissues. The peculiar flavour, colour and delicate taste are best revealed in canned foods and pastes.

The beef liver technological property of keeping the fat in the mixture is perfect for liver sausages and pastes of the top category.

Organoleptical properties of the product: a product of soft consistency, of brown-red colour.

Optimum characteristics:

proteins – 17.9%

fat – 3.7%

carbohydrates – 5.3%

High content of ferrum and rich mineral composition are relevant to a healthy diet and food for children.

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