Chicken frame

The chicken frame is a part of the carcass with the meat residue that remains after processing the carcass. Used to make minced meat MMO. TO PLACE AN ORDER

Pork tongue

Pork tongue is the I-st ​​category by-product, which by its nutritional value is second only to I-grade meat. Its caloric value is about 200 calories per 100 g. - protein 16.5 g; - fat 11.1 g; The product [...]

Beef tongue

Beef tongue is a by-product of the first category. Mass can vary from 800 g to 2.5 kg. This product is rich in protein, an important component of muscle tissue and is referred to dietary products. Its caloric [...]

Skin of chicken

Chicken skin is a secondary product of production. Being a valuable nutritional product, chicken skin is widely used by meat processing enterprises. This is a thin layer of protein and fat mass. Caloric content of the raw product [...]