Pork leg, bone in

Pork leg, Bone-in ham – the raw product is obtained through cutting from the back of the hip joint, the bone is left inside.

The part of the carcass is widely used in the meat processing industry.

The bone-in ham is used for cooking excellent meat delicacies, such as jamon, baked or smoked products.

Modern deboning technology fully meets the sanitary and veterinary requirements and preserves the nutritional value of the product

Quality indicators: proteins – 18%, fats – 21.5%.

Caloric content is 261 kcal.

Organoleptical properties of the product: colour – red, elastic texture with a moderate amount of fat.

Smell: fresh. The surface is dry, without blood stains and hair residues.

Juiciness, optimal amount of intramuscular fat and delicate muscle fibres are ideal for:

  • making sausage mince meat for raw smoked and dry-cured products;
  • cooking smoked delicacies;
  • selling to the consumer in cold state.
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