Chicken liver

Печінка куряча

Chicken liver is a by-product of the first category. It is obtained after slaughtering on the automated line of cutting chicken carcasses.

The absence of rigid connective tissue and veins allows making a homogeneous emulsion from the liver for cooking pastes and canned products.

Optimum characteristics: proteins – 20.4%, fats – 5.9%, carbohydrates – 0.74%.

The liver for sale shall be chilled, cleared of films, residues of the gallbladder, fatty tissue particles.

Organoleptical properties of the product: soft, of manageable texture. Colour: dark brown with a burgundy or red tint, but without any violet, grey shade. Smell: sharp, bitter, characteristic, without notes of rotten or tainted meat.

High-quality chicken liver is sold as it is, cold, and as a component of pastes and canned products for people and animals.

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