Vein of beef

Beef vein is a rich source of collagen. As a rule, the vein is obtained through deboning and trimming of raw meat, by removing connective tissue from the meat.

The vein can be used to produce gelatin, or as an independent product in meat production as a partial replacement for expensive raw meat.

In the meat industry, it has been widely used due to its low cost, and is used both as an independent product and as part of protein and fat emulsions.

The vein has the following properties:

– reduces the cost of premium class meat products;

– increases the yield of finished products;

– creates the meat structure of the cheap meat products segment;

– creates a dense rubbery lump;

Beef vein contains a lot of carbohydrates and proteins. Due to this fact, the raw material is used to produce not only food for humans, but also dog food. This product is a source of vitamins, protein components, minerals and amino acids. 100 g contain 159 calories. Of these, 15 g of proteins, 10 g of fat.

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