Turkey stomachs

The turkey stomach is a first category by-product obtained in the process of cutting a turkey carcass.

The meat is characterized by sufficient coarseness and is referred to the red type.

The coarseness is conditioned by the fact that the fibrous structure of the product consists of muscles located in different directions. The firmness of the stomachs is associated with the age of the bird (the younger it is, the softer the structure).

Organoleptical properties of the product:

  • elastic fibers;
  • the structure of the stomach is quite dense (holds the shape);
  • the gastric film is clear, clean;
  • lack of mucus;
  • fresh, slightly sweet smell, barely pronounced.

Being a valuable source of useful vitamins and minerals, the stomachs are used not only in cooking, but also in meat processing.

The by-product may be included in meat pastes, minced meat, ravioli and varenyky.

Most of the product is protein. A single serving can satisfy the body’s need for vitamins A, group B, nicotinic acid, ferrum, folic acid, magnesium and potassium.

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