Pork trimming

Moderately fatty pork (or trimming) is referred to the first category raw products. It represents a meat and fat trimming from different parts of the carcass.

The advantage of this raw material is the absence of bones and cartilages, a marble texture (a uniform alternation of meat and fat layers).

Optimum characteristics: proteins – over 18%, fat – maximum 14%.

Organoleptical properties of the product:

Meat – of all shades of pink and red, dense texture and pleasant smell.

Lard: white or creamy colour, spongy texture, smell – fresh, without rancid notes. The raw product shall not contain any blood stains, hair or skin residues.

Pork trimming can be used:

  • for selling as it is, cold as a raw piece for goulash or borsch;
  • as raw products for ready-to-cook products (pancakes, meat dumplings, escalope, cutlets, zrazy);
  • for the production of sausages (boiled, boiled and smoked, half-smoked, wieners and bockwurst sausages).
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