Pork belly, single ribbed, rind on

Грудинка без кістки на шкурі

Boneless breast on skin is a valuable part of the pork carcass. It is obtained by deboning, when the side is cut from peritoneum right under the shoulder blades.  The raw products is widely used in the meat processing industry and enjoy stable popularity among consumers.

The part is a perfect combination of fat (53%) and protein (10.1%). The energy value of the raw product is 510 kcal. The raw materials are widely used in the meat processing industry.

Organoleptical properties of the product: dense texture with uniform layers of fat, colour: rich red, fatty layers – white with a creamy shade. Smell: fresh, not pronounced, without any bitter or sour notes. Skin without slimy, hairy parts, scalded and dry.

The boneless breast on the skin is ideal for:

  • producing ready-to-cook products (barbecue, goulash raw pieces);
  • selling to the consumer in cold state;
  • making meat ready-to-cook products by hot smoking, baking or pickling.
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