Pork shoulder chap -rindless

Jowls with the skin (cheek) is a part of the carcass, which is referred to the first category by-products. The delicate and thin skin, optimal alternation of fat and meat layers makes the raw product an ideal basis [...]

Pork trimming

Moderately fatty pork (or trimming) is referred to the first category raw products. It represents a meat and fat trimming from different parts of the carcass. The advantage of this raw material is the absence of bones and [...]

Pork leg, bone in

Pork leg, Bone-in ham - the raw product is obtained through cutting from the back of the hip joint, the bone is left inside. The part of the carcass is widely used in the meat processing industry. The [...]

Pork leg, boneless

Pork leg, boneless is a part of the pork carcass near the hip bone. Juicy meat without tough muscle fibres and connective tissues with surprisingly delicate taste is referred to the first category. It is sold cold, without bones [...]

Pork shoulder boneless

Boneless shoulder blade is referred to the first grade product. The boneless pork shoulder blade is perfect for the preparation of top grade sausage products or pickled ready-to-cook products. Gentle taste, juiciness and lack of connective tissues are [...]

Pork lion, bone in

Bone-in brisket is a part of the pig carcass with meat and bones, which is considered the first grade. The bone-in brisket is perfect for the manufacture of ready-to-cook products (cutlets, scallops, tenderized steak with a bone, raw [...]

Pork belly, single ribbed, rind on

Boneless breast on skin is a valuable part of the pork carcass. It is obtained by deboning, when the side is cut from peritoneum right under the shoulder blades.  The raw products is widely used in the meat [...]

Pork tenderloin

Balyk is obtained by mechanically deboning of a brisket, separating the muscle from the ribs and spine. Gentle texture, delicate muscle fibres and the absence of tough connective tissues are perfect for cooking meat delicacies. Optimum characteristics: - [...]
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