Pork heart

сердце свинины целое

Pork heart refers to the by-products of the second category. Due to the dense structure of the heart muscle and the high content of connective fibres the cost of the finished product is significantly reduced.

Optimum characteristics: proteins – 16%, fats – 4%.

Low caloric value of the raw product (101 Kcal) is perfect for dietary nutrition, reducing the overall fat content of sausage and canning industry products.

Organoleptical properties of the product: dense, elastic consistency, characteristic dark colour, without any fat inclusions. Bruising, contamination of the cuts are not allowed.

Smell: characteristic with a metallic note.

It is recommended for use in sausage products of the second category, paste, canned food and animal feed.

Adding a cut ​​heart allows:

  • avoiding broth and fat leaking from the sausage link;
  • improving the solidity of products;
  • adding sausages and pastes a characteristic spicy pronounced taste.
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