Pork lion, bone in

корейка на кости свиная

Bone-in brisket is a part of the pig carcass with meat and bones, which is considered the first grade.

The bone-in brisket is perfect for the manufacture of ready-to-cook products (cutlets, scallops, tenderized steak with a bone, raw pieces for kebabs).

Optimum characteristics: proteins – 13.7%, fats – 36.5%. Calories: 380 kcal.

Organoleptical properties of the product: dense texture. Smell: fresh. Surface: smooth and dry. Colour: ribs – milky or white with a bluish tinge, meat: loin eye muscle – pale pink, ribs and spine – of red colour.

It is sold cleaned, without skin, side and back fat. The brisket is perfect for:

  • selling to the consumers in cold or frozen form;
  • cooking sausages and ready-to-cook products.
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