Pork shoulder boneless

лопатка без кости свиная

Boneless shoulder blade is referred to the first grade product. The boneless pork shoulder blade is perfect for the preparation of top grade sausage products or pickled ready-to-cook products. Gentle taste, juiciness and lack of connective tissues are highly appreciated by technologists and professionals.

Optimum characteristics: proteins – 14%, fat – 30%. Caloric content of the product – 325 kcal.

Organoleptical properties of the product: the texture is dense, heterogeneous due to the alternation of muscle and fat tissues.

Colour: pink and red meat fibres, without brown and burgundy parts. Smell: fresh, not bitter.

Shoulder blade, without any blood stains, cuts, skin and hair residues. Therefore, it meets all veterinary and sanitary regulations.

The boneless pork shoulder blade is perfect for making ready-to-cook products, minced meat for dry-cured and raw smoked sausages of elite grades.

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