Pork rinds

Шкура свиная

Pork skin is referred to the second category offal. The increased content of collagen and gelling properties of the raw product are used by technologists and professionals in the manufacture of head cheese, saltison, second-grade sausages and pet food.

Optimum characteristics: (protein – 18%, fat – 16%) reduces the caloric content of the finished product.

Pork skin is sold after scalding, burning and mechanical removal from the half carcass or carcass.

Organoleptical properties of the product: dense consistency, dry surface, without wet or abnormal areas. Colour: wax yellow. Products must be cleaned of bristles, meat and fatty trim, connective tissue, scalded.

Pork skin is used in meat processing industry a follows:

  • it allows achieving a uniform consistency of sausages or canned products;
  • increases the yield of finished products.
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