Pork shoulder chap -rindless

баки в шкуре свиные

Jowls with the skin (cheek) is a part of the carcass, which is referred to the first category by-products. The delicate and thin skin, optimal alternation of fat and meat layers makes the raw product an ideal basis for smoked, baked and pickled delicacies, as well as the sausages of the top grade.

Due to the high content of collagen in the skin, the optimal characteristics are as follows: slightly lower than in jowls without skin: proteins – 8%, fats – up to 70%.

The caloric content of the jowls with the skin is 400 kcal.

Organoleptical properties of the product: loose consistency, skin – elastic, clean, scalded without hair and blood stains.

Colour: skin – wax-yellow, lard – white with a creamy shade, meat – pale pink. Smell: fresh, nice.

Jowls with the skin are perfect for:

  • sale to the customers as it is, cold;
  • making specialties of the “home-made” category.
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