Pork tenderloin

балык свиной

Balyk is obtained by mechanically deboning of a brisket, separating the muscle from the ribs and spine. Gentle texture, delicate muscle fibres and the absence of tough connective tissues are perfect for cooking meat delicacies.

Optimum characteristics:

– proteins – 15.4%;

– fat – 25%.

Caloric content: 280 kcal.

These characteristics are perfect for the production of food for children and healthy diets.

Organoleptical properties of the product: homogeneous, dense texture, the surface is dry, cleaned from the back fat residues, hair and skin. Colour: pale pink without any yellow or brown inclusions. Smell: light, fresh, meat.

Pork balyk is used for:

  • selling to the consumer in cold state;
  • making delicacies through cold and hot smoking, baking;
  • production of ready-to-cook products (raw pieces for shashlyk);
  • production of sausages of the top category (for example, selected raw smoked or dry-cured sausages).
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