Pork shoulder chap, with rind

Jowls without skin are also known as cheek. This is the side of the head of a pig with meat and fat.

The peculiarity of this part is an incredible tenderness, juiciness and marbling (alternation of muscle and fatty tissues).

Meat processing industry technologists and professionals make extensive use of the skinless jowls for making smoke-cured or baked specialty products.

Imported automated carcass dressing line preserves nutrients as much as possible and ensures sanitary safety.

Optimum characteristics: proteins – 6.4%, fat – up to 70%. Caloric value: 404 kcal.

Organoleptical properties of the product: loose consistency, layers of meat and fat stick tightly to each other.

The surface is dry, moderately fatty, without blood stains, skin or hair residue.

Colour: lard layers – white with a cream shade, meat – pale pink and red. Smell: fresh, nice.

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