Pork liver

Печень свиная

Pork liver is a by-product of the first category. It is valued by technologists for the property of keeping fat according to the formula. It is perfect for making canned products for people and pets.

Whole liver weighs up to 3 kg, and it is often sold in the form of “petals” weighing 500-700 grams.

Optimum characteristics: proteins – 18.8%, fats – 3.8%, carbohydrates – 4.7%.

The nutritional value of pork liver has long been appreciated by technologists, professionals and ordinary consumers.

Organoleptical properties of the product: soft, manageable texture without dents. Colour: dark red, the surface is shiny without dry areas, blood stains or blood clots.

Smell: nice, characteristic, bitter and metallic.

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