Chicken MSM 3mm (Baader) red

Red Baader – chicken meat after mechanical boning. The product is made from all parts of the carcass, which ensures economizing of raw materials, reducing the cost of the final sausage product.  In comparison with MSO, meat fibers are not damaged, meat juice is not released.

Optimum characteristics:

Fat content – up to 10%, protein – 18%.

Low fat and bone content is perfect for ready-to-cook food and dietary nutrition technologies.

Organoleptical properties of the product: mincemeat-like consistency with white and red meat fragments up to 3 mm in size, of red and pink colour.

Smell: nice, fresh, of chicken meat.

Use: sausages, wieners, pastes.

The product is the perfect combination of mincemeat-like consistency, nutritional and energy value of a whole chicken.

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