Mechanically separated chichen meat

Chicken MSO - mechanically separated meat of chicken carcasses. The mechanized process using modern equipment ensures optimal performance: fat - 30%, protein - 14-18%. Organoleptical properties of the product: a product of natural pale pink colour, past-like consistency [...]

Mechanically separated turkey meat

Raw materials for the sausage industry are produced through modern mechanized processing of turkey carcasses with meat and bone separators. The method saves the most beneficial properties and ensures optimal performance: fat - up to 15%, protein - [...]

Chicken MSM 3mm (Baader) red

Red Baader - chicken meat after mechanical boning. The product is made from all parts of the carcass, which ensures economizing of raw materials, reducing the cost of the final sausage product.  In comparison with MSO, meat fibers [...]

Chicken MSM 3mm (Baader) white

Modern mechanical deboning of chicken carcasses with meat and bone separator offered technologists valuable raw materials - white baader.  Raw materials are obtained from the remains of chicken and turkey breast (carcasses). Raw meat turns out more dietary [...]
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