Mechanically separated turkey meat

фарш индюшиный на разделочной доске

Raw materials for the sausage industry are produced through modern mechanized processing of turkey carcasses with meat and bone separators. The method saves the most beneficial properties and ensures optimal performance: fat – up to 15%, protein – 18%. Raw meat does not contain water, dyes and stabilizers.

Use: healthy diet food, frozen ready-to-cook products, wieners and bockwurst sausages, short bratwust with fat inclusions, boiled sausages, baked meat bred and pastes.

Organoleptical properties of the product: pasty, homogeneous with bone particles up to 0.1 mm in size.

Smell: light, not pronounced. Colour: pale pink without stains, dyes.


the raw materials reduce the cost of production of sausage or cannery products;

offers a variety of recipes;

reduces caloric value of products.

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