Pork leg, boneless

Pork leg, boneless is a part of the pork carcass near the hip bone. Juicy meat without tough muscle fibres and connective tissues with surprisingly delicate taste is referred to the first category. It is sold cold, without bones and joints, with the skin removed, with no hair, blood stains and burr on the cut edge. It is one of the best-selling parts of the carcass.

Strict veterinary and sanitary requirements allow preservation of the nutritional value (proteins – 18%, fats – 21.5%) and caloric content of 261 kcal in full.

Organoleptical properties of the product: the surface is dry, clean, elastic texture with a uniform alternation of muscle and intramuscular fat layers. Colour: red and rich red, fat – white with a creamy shade. Smell: fresh.

We recommend using a boneless ham for:

  • adding to the formula of dry-cured, raw smoked sausage of elite grades;
  • hot-smoked or baked meat delicacies;
  • selling to the consumer in cold state.
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